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After careful thought, we are finally closing the “traditional office supplies” side of our business, effective April 30, 2023. 

With the advancements in technology resulting in less need for traditional supplies and the fierce competition with Amazon and Staples/Office Depot, the profitability has been minimized significantly over the years.

We are so grateful for the customers we’ve been blessed to serve over the years. Thank you!

We’ll still continue to provide rubber stamps, nametags & nameplates, signage – just about anything for the office but with the exception of mass-produced items like paperclips, staples, self-stick notes, etc. 

We are beyond thankful and proud that the printing side of our business is thriving.  Please reach out should you have any printing needs – including but not limited to business cards, booklets, postcards, checks, labels, tags, invoices, forms, etc.

Please use us as a resource if we can ever help in any way.  If we can’t provide it for you, we can most likely point you in the right direction. 

There are lots of ways we can help supply your office!

We are the best of both worlds, combining today’s technology while offering local, personal customer service. Our job is to help you do YOUR job! 

Desktop Delivery

Have your orders delivered in packages labeled with the person’s name they are for. This helps make sure the right item gets to the right person in your office.

Budget Approval

Control spending by setting budgets by department or end user

In A Hurry?

Like to order online but in a hurry sometimes? Pick up the phone and call us! We really are the best of both worlds.

Personal Items List(s)

Keep your own list or lists online of items you regularly order, making re-ordering a breeze! Have a list of items for that special annual meeting or a new-hire? Or perhaps a list of the special items your boss likes?

Consolidating Invoicing

We can send you one invoice each month along with a spreadsheet showing purchases by end user, location, or department.

Order Approval

Our system can be programmed for multiple levels of approval. Once the end user places an order the system sends an e-mail to the approver notifying them there is an order waiting their approval. We do not see the order until approved. Let everyone shop for themselves and monitor their spending and choices with this approval process.

30 Day Hassle Free Return Policy

We have 30 days to return items to our warehouse without any penalty. Need to return something? Simply notify us to issue credit and have our driver pick it up.